K-MINE: GenPlan
System for creation and conduct of enterprise industrial site e-maps
Genplan Enterprise – комплексная система на базе ГИС K-MINE, предназначенная для создания и ведения электронных карт промышленных площадок предприятий

K-MINE: GenPlan – is a complex system based on K-MINE, intended for creation and conduct of enterprise industrial sites e-maps, of industrial and civil purposes areas, for solving issues of land management and inventory problems.

  • receiving up-to-date information about real operating condition of industrial objects of industrial site: various pipelines (underground, surface and above-ground), wells, power lines and communication lines, buildings and constructions, transport communications;
  • review of exploitation history of certain object, its location definition, object quick search under given conditions;
  • technical data summarizing between enterprise different subdivisions and enterprise services into single document file of semantic database;
  • technical audit, inventory, certification and registration of industrial infrastructure objects;
  • planning of enterprise infrastructure development;
  • pre-project analysis and modeling of engineering infrastructure development;
  • planning of planned maintenance and emergency work;
  • organization of capital construction control work choosing optimum place for new construction;
  • solving tasks of cadastre development and enterprise areas use;
  • increasing safety level when using “confidential” data.

Creation of three-dimensional on-line e-maps

  • processing of various surveys data (ground mapping, aerial photography);
  • data importing from files of other formats;
  • initial data post-processing (vectoring, elements spatial linkage, subject structuring);
  • creation of three-dimensional objects and engineering infrastructure;
  • wide range of tasks on work with three-dimensional objects.

Addition of semantic data to the objects of e-map

  • storage, editing and deletion of various semantic data about infrastructure objects;
  • data triggering with existing enterprise control systems (1C Enterprise, IT-enterprise, etc.);
  • semantic data linkage with corresponding objects of e-map;
  • connection of links to other external files (.txt, .doc, .xls, .png, .bmp, etc.) to semantic data.

Interaction of graphic objects and semantic data

  • search and display of semantic data by selected object or group of objects;
  • search and display of e-map objects by corresponding entries in database of semantic data.

Planning of enterprise infrastructure development

  • infrastructure planning not leaving the office;
  • selection of optimum build-up area taking into account existing engineering communications in this area and their technical characteristics;
  • solving tasks on cadastre development and enterprise areas use.

Technical audit, certification of engineering communications, buildings and constructions

  • data input according to investigation results of engineering communications, buildings and constructions;
  • passports creation on the basis of existing data in database of semantic data;
  • conduct of enterprise assets estimation.

Solving users’ applied problems

  • building of possible damage zones of infrastructure objects due to land and other work conduct;
  • planning of engineering communications planned maintenance;
  • distances and areas calculation;
  • creation of people traffic schemes within enterprise territory in case of emergency;
  • building of dangerous zones for people in case technogeneous disasters, etc.