Web-complex for education and knowledge control
Industrial solutions
For enterprises

Solution for corporate communication organization, distance learning, knowledge and training process control, staff development and estimation in the companies.

For banks and insurance companies

Solution for knowledge quality estimation and training of specialists on a part-time basis as well as automation of staff recruitment and knowledge systematization. Possibility of corporate portal creation.

For shops and on-line stores

Solution for automated portal creation of estimation and staff training, creation of electronic knowledge and rules base, establishing communication between consumers, employees and top executives, creation of employees rating and correct talent control.

For educational institutions

Solution for free-running and distance learning organization, knowledge and training process control, students development and knowledge current/final control in educational institutions. Individual reporting on students, groups, teachers.

For expert centers

Solution for training automation and knowledge control of specialists by different activities on a part-time basis in autonomous behavior or distance mode, creation of knowledge base and legislation framework of the enterprise, creation of communication channels between users and teachers of educational department.

For recruitment agencies

Solution for candidates’ database creation, knowledge level control, original selection, talents control and communication automation.