System of Documents Circulation

KAI-Doc is an electronic documents circulation system intended for office-work automation in organizations of different activity types.

  • registration of input, output, internal documentation;
  • automated documentation circulation;
  • control of executive discipline;
  • efficient interaction of managers and executors owing to quick exchange of reports and information;
  • on-line data search by different parameters;
  • analysis of employment in sub-divisions;
  • on-line notification of executors about new tasks and instructions;
  • electronical documentation file;
  • flexible setup of access rights for each user of the system;
  • simultaneous documents processing and files exchange;
  • protection of information;
Industrial decisions
KAI-Doc. Citizen appeals

This module is intended for increase of citizen appeals processing level by automation of such processes as appeal receiving registration, appointment of executors, definition of resolution deadline.

Monitoring of licensing centers work of the region

System “Monitoring of licensing centers work of the region” is put into operation in 35 city and district licensing centers. Technological card with accurate “step-by-step” procedure from appeal receiving to certain document receiving is worked out for each type of administrative service.

System of service quality estimation in municipal center

Simplification of licensing procedures in economic activity, rational reduction of documents quantity and procedure operations, interaction optimization of organization departments of city council and licensing bodies, as well as realization of information exchange and electronic documents circulation at work with licensing documents.

Municipal GIS of land resources management

System of land cadastres accounting for cadastre data operational collection, gathering, analysis and automation of documents circulation on lands and economic subjects accounting.