III International scientific and practical seminar



Solution and Vision of Information Technology

Use of Geoinformation System K-MINE
in Various Fields of Activities


May 16-20, 2016

Seminar Audience

  • Mining and processing enterprises
  • Exploration, survey, geodetic organizations
  • Research and design organizations
  • Public organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • As well as everyone interested in geoinformation systems

Seminar Subjects

  • Modern software decisions for:
    • geology and mineral development
    • deposit modeling
    • surveying, geodesy and cartography
    • mining planning, design and conduct
  • Integrated solutions with the systems of fine positioning and control of mining-and-transport equipment
  • Automated systems of mining control for open and underground mining enterprises
  • Engineering solutions for pit edges and dumps stability definition
  • Complex systems of mining enterprises design
  • GIS in education and research
  • GIS use in different fields of economy

Informational Support